2018 Eastern Idaho Fly Tying Expo

I honored to once again be invited to the Eastern Idaho Fly Tying Expo as a featured fly tier. This year I arrived at the expo with entire new set of skills as I have spent the previous year learning to integrate European nymphing and fly tying into my "quiver" of techniques. As this was the year after the groundbreaking film Modern Nymphing was released, many of the other anglers I talked either have started, or were starting to take an interest in European Nymphing. While I certainly don't have the equivalent expertise as Devin Olsen or Lance Egan, I still believe I was able to bring some insight and show useful tying tricks to the anglers. To be honest, I wasn't able to explore the expo and talk to as many people anglers as I would have preferred because my dad and I needed to leave in the afternoon to catch a flight back to Los Angeles. However, the time I did spend was great and quick 24 hour trip was certainly worth it.

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