2019 Eastern Idaho Fly Tying Expo

I just completed my 4th year at the Eastern Idaho Fly Tying Expo. I say this every year, but this year was my favorite. I came into this expo different than my previous years, as this was my first year as a member of the USA Youth Fly Fishing Team. The knowledge and new skills I've acquired in just a few months on the team were fresh in my mind and I enjoyed sharing these skills with other avid fly tiers as well as fisherman who are beginning their journey into the world of fly fishing. I was also fortunate to meet and learn from some incredible tiers, especially my idol, Charlie Craven. Since the day I learned about Charlie Craven (which was five years ago) I have aspired to be able to meet him and I am so happy to have finally had the opportunity. I am already looking forward to going back and tying next year.

Me and Charlie Craven

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