2018 Western US Youth Fly Fishing Clinic

I just attended the Idaho US Youth Fly Fishing Team Clinic for the second time. I had an awesome time fishing with the other youth anglers and learning from the coaches.

The first day we had a conservation lesson and after the class we hit the river for a couple hours. After fishing we went back the dorms, had dinner, and tied flies until midnight. The next morning we got up and were on the river by nine. That morning was some of the best fishing I have ever had on the Bigwood during the summer. After two hours of fishing I had about sixty fish in the net. I was testing out a new leader formula that my friend gave me and I think that was one of the keys to my success. The leader started with a 10 pound but section and tapered down to 6 pound sighter.

In those 64 hours I was able to learn so much from the coaches and the other youth anglers. I am looking forward to the clinic next summer and Nationals this November.

Photo Credit: Tucker Horne

Conservation Clinic

Photo Credit: Tucker Horne

Testing out the new leader formula

Photo Credit: Tucker Horne

Tying room

Photo Credit: Tucker Horne

Bigwood River

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