Grayling on the Lost River

Grayling have always been on my list of fish I want to catch, and this weekend I was able to catch not only one, but three Grayling. I started off my day Euro Nymphing the Lower Lost River with Silver Creek guide Sean Sullivan. I was fishing a double nymph rig with a GTI Caddis as my top fly and a Blowtorch as my dropper. After a successful morning with lots of big Rainbows, we moved to the Upper Lost in search of Grayling.

Lower Lost Rainbow

Once we arrived at the Upper Lost, Sean took me to this really nice, deep run where we fished a dry dropper. I cast my setup under the opposite cut-bank and watched a 10 inch fish inhale my fly. I set the hook and started stripping my line in. As the fish got nearer I noticed that every time the fish changed directions there was a flash of blue. Once the fish tired out and was getting closer to me I had a really good look at the fish and Sean and I realized it was a grayling. My first grayling ever was caught on a size 8 hooper pattern on the Upper Lost River!

My First Grayling

I cast my rig out again in hope of catching a big Cutthroat that might be lurking in the pool. I saw my hopper dip under and I set the hook. It was another grayling! Sean and I were both completely shocked because the Upper Lost isn't exactly known to have lots of Grayling.

My Second Grayling

Once I released my second grayling I cast out again, and after several minutes I had another fish on. This fish seems bigger then the rest and it turns out to be another grayling! Sean and I came to the Lost with the goal of catching a Grayling and we caught three in the same pool.

My Third Grayling

Thanks to Sean Sullivan for the absolutely incredible day of fishing.

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