Bulk Quill Body Mayfly

Bulk Quill Body Mayfly


The Quill Body Mayfly is part of our new euro nymph collection. This fly is a excellent searching mayfly imitation tied in olive, dark brown, and cream


If you select twelve flies or six flies they will be tied in the following sizes mentioned below with the standard and light weight options. 


Six flies

1x size 12 olive QBD 

2x size 16 olive QBD

2x size 14 cream QBD

1x size 16 cream QBD 


Twelve flies

2x size 12 olive QBD

2x size 14 olive QBD

2x size 16 olive QBD

2x size 12 cream QBD

2x size 14 cream QBD

2x size 16 cream QBD