Bulk G&J midges

Bulk G&J midges


Inspired by Charlie Craven's Ju-Ju Midge, the G&J Midge gets down to the bottom quick. The G&J midge is perfect in a two or three nymph rig, but will also work dropped of a dry fly. Tied in a great range of sizes: 14, 16, 18 and 20.


If you select twelve flies or six flies they will be tied in the following sizes mentioned below. 


Six Flies

3x size 16 G&J Midges  

3x size 18 G&J Midges


Twelve flies

2x size 14 G&J Midges

3x size 16 G&J Midges

2x size 18 G&J Midges

3x size 18 G&J Midges

2x size 20 G&J Midges