Bulk DB Nymphs

Bulk DB Nymphs


The D-B nymph is a great quick sinking midge pattern. If you need a fly to get down to sink quick, the D-B nymph is the fly for you. Tied with two tungstone beads on a heavy scud hook, this fly sinks in seconds. 


If you select twelve flies or six flies they will be tied in the following sizes and colors mentioned below. 


Six flies

2x size 16 red DB Nymphs  

2x size 18 red DB Nymphs 

2x size 16 Black DB Nymphs 


Twelve flies

3x size 16 red DB Nymphs

3x size 18 red DB Nymphs

3x size 16 black DB Nymphs

3x size 18 black DB Nymphs