Modern nymphs


Part 1: Characteristics of European nymphs and fly selction 

Part 2: Tying techniques for European nymphs


Part 3: The six step process to develop a Euro nymph fly box

Part 4: Confidence flies 


"Guides love James's flies because they really work." 

- Guide Guy Robbins

in the  Sun Valley Property News

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I started fly fishing at eight years old and once I turned twelve fly fishing became my passion. Around this time I created my first custom pattern named the D-B Nymph. After testing out the D-B, local fishing shops began carrying my fly patterns and Big Wood Flies was founded! I became completely immersed into the world of fly fishing around thirteen when I began tying flies at fly tying expos and trying to be on the river every chance I got.


During the fall of 2018 my fly fishing passion went to a whole new level after I made the USA Youth Fly Fishing Team. Being able to participate at such a high level of fly fishing is a true honor and I am savoring every moment of it. 

The realization that current selection of fly fishing apparel didn't appeal to the majority of younger fly anglers—including myself, led me to found So Fly Gear in 2020: an apparel company built around the styles, cultures, and passions of the younger generation of fly anglers.